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        The Meeting began on the 14th of November. On the 12th and 13th , Our Polish and  Spanish partners arrived and on the 14th – Monday our Italian and French partners arrived . We had a small meeting in the morning on Monay with Polish, Spanish and Turkish partners and in the evening we had a small meeting with  all the partners for the program and activities.

        On the 15th ,Tuesday, All the partners met at school (Mehmet Seniye Özbey Primary School) and The school headmaster and his assistants welcomed the guests and  the headmaster – Mehmet Torun made a speech. The meeting held in  the meeting hall of the scool. The Polish coordinator  Elzbieta Karas Explaned the target of the Project and the LOGO  of the Project was choosen.

Each partner showed the sample they brought and the participants vote for the logo and the sample from Turkish partner has been chosen as a logo of the Project. All the partners  claimed some changes on it so a grafic artist was hired to design it on the computer. The turkish partner was to redesign the logo and send it to other partners.




Erasmus +K2

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Erasmus+K2 Strategic Partnership  Project



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