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Our school is in Bostanlı  neighbourhood in Karşıyaka,

İzmir - one of the most devoleped province in Turkey.

There are 11 classrooms ,2 pre-school  (kindergarden) classes , a meeting hall, 3 offices for directors, 2 counselors  1 offices, a teachers room, an archive and a support room for disabled student  in our school. Our school has a very big play ground with a basketball - volleyball and  a football pitches. Our garden is very suitable for the  sports activities. We have got  3  directors 27 teachers and 710 students. 12  of these students are disabled in verious aspects. We have some special precotions  and places for  disabled students. We use  "Personal Education Programme" for those students and we try to maintain their education  together with  other students . Our counselors have been watching their progress.

We have been working in belief of following the new techenologies about education and giving opportunity to be self-confident and resourceful person to our students. We are of the aim of getting students   healthy, harmonious, having a good nutrition, liking activities,  desiring sports activities and enthisuastic to learn.

Our teacher being appointed  legally to our scool who is also a e-twinning coordinator has had some meeting with the teachers at school and has gave infomations about EU school project " Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices

Strategic Partnerships for Schools Only".After the  trainings we have   run some  e-twining projects .We have  already completed some projets and  at present we have about 15 etwinning projets by different teachers. With these projects the performances of the students have developed and they have shared their experiences with the other students in their own school and the other schools.

We have also an Erasmus+K1the training of staff of school in 2016.

 The key persons involved in this project have some certificates about first-aid, some sports activities like basketball, volleyball, chess and they also have some experiences about some other national and international projets like "water explorer org.", "conscious youth" and "e-twinning".But we believe that sport is very important for students'  physical and educational development. We want not only  academically successful students  but also healthy and social students.

 That's why we orginized some training courses in verious diciplines of sports like basketball, football and volleyball. We have also some courses for chess and folkdance.  We  believe that this project will contribute us to reach our goal.



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Erasmus +K2

Many Countries One Goal

Erasmus+K2 Strategic Partnership  Project