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Colegio Nuestra Señora del Socorro

The school “”, Our Lady of Help in English, is in Benetússer, a small town on the outskirts of Valencia, just 5 minutes away from the capital.

We are a private concerted Diocesan College, which depends on the Parish of “Nuestra Señora del Socorro” in Benetússer and therefore the Archbishop of Valencia. Our school was created for social purposes in the 60s as a subsidiary of the Luis Vives Institute, one of the only two high schools in the city of Valencia those years. For many years our school was the only one for a wide area of Valencia. Thousands of students from Valencia and its region have come to our center since then, giving great prestige to our institution.



Currently we have 1,000 students aged between 3 and 18 who come from both Benetússer and Valencia and other surrounding towns.

In our center we work 79 teachers, 3 secretaries and 3 caretakers. The center is divided into 2 separate buildings: one for the stages of infant, primary and first cycle of secundary and the other one for 2nd cycle of  secundary and  high school.


In our center the three modes of high school are taught: Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences and Arts. Teachers are grouped into teaching departments (Science, Physical Education, Languages, Foreign Languages, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Art and Pastoral).

The school “Nuestra Señora del Socorro” develops its educational mission according to a quality management system based on standard UNE-EN-College ISO 9001.

As stated in the "Report on the Results of the Centre; Diagnostic Assessment 2014 ", the location of the center with reference to the economic and cultural factors analyzed from data reported by students in completing their questionnaires context located downtown in a level 3 ISEC.

Also we have our own sports club, “Club Deportivo Nuestra Señora del Socorro”, a private non-profit association with legal personality and capacity to act itself, whose sole purpose the promotion and practice of physical activity and sport in the federative level, since 1986. Our students and parents as well as anyone else can participate in the different disciplines we teach: football, basketball, handball, gymnastics, athletics, dance, judo, aikido, pilates, etc.

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