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Many countries one goal -  Development through sport



Biancavilla is a small town with an old cultural history, it is located at the foot of the volcano Etna and 35 km from Catania, the second biggest city of Sicily: Its inhabitans, together with people from different countries, are employed in agriculture, Biancavilla’s most developed sector, but also in small local factories and businesses. Biancavilla has a sports field where young people can train in different sports: athletics, football, tennis. The football team takes part in Sicilian championships with good results.


Our school staff count 57 teachers and two different building; one with an old cultural history and one is modern   with a big garden. In our school there are 304 pupils in kindergarden and 571 in Primary school, including students with disabilities, learning difficulties, familiars problem and immigrants pupils too, but not many, they are well-integrated in our school system. We have IT and science laboratories, where the students are able to have a direct and responsible experience with computers and science experiments.

We have teacher specialist in science, art, music, ITC, phisical educatin and basket

We have also a choir with more 100 students, he take part in local festivities and competition, and cultural event.

Our school for decades was coordinator in Comenius project and our community gave us his contribution and collaboration.

eTwinning have stimulated students curiosity and attention, have encouraged disables pupils to partecipate in the activities of the projects, to use new technologies, learn and improve english language, to know different culture and traditions and start a friendship; teachers have exchanged information in order to learn and apply new teahing strategies and methodologies, to improve english language and competence in TIC.

Actually we have a project in eTwinning live called “FROM TRASH TO TREASURE”. Students are happy to create new things from trash, change work and message with children from different States.


We use: digital whiteboard and tablets,  the apple of google suite education (classeroom, google drive,…) mystudio platform, we have the our of coding and we friend of UNICEF. In some class we have CLIL lesson.

Our 9 and 10 years student have also extra english lesson in the afternoon, with native speaker. At the end of the corse they have Trinity or Cambridge grades A1 A2 certificate.

We have a garden, a big playground and Gym, where our children can play and have sport lessons. From 3 years we have a basket coach and all our students are involved in lessons in the morning and in the afternoon. They are very enthusiastic and  more motivated

Through the sports  we would like to carry out what are the important values of human life and i improve our competence in all subjects.


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Erasmus +K2

Many Countries One Goal

Erasmus+K2 Strategic Partnership  Project

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