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The  Summary of  Transitinal Meeting of The “Erasmus  K2

-Many Countries, one goal – Developing through sports”

        The Meeting began on the 14th of November. On the 12th and 13th , Our Polish and  Spanish partners arrived and on the 14th – Monday our Italian and French partners arrived . We had a small meeting in the morning on Monday with Polish, Spanish and Turkish partners and in the evening we had a small meeting with  all the partners for the program and activities.

        On the 15th ,Tuesday, All the partners met at school (Mehmet Seniye Özbey Primary School) and The school headmaster and his assistants welcomed the guests and  the headmaster – Mehmet Torun made a speech. The meeting held in  the meeting hall of the scool. The Polish coordinator  Elzbieta Karas Explaned the target of the Project and the LOGO  of the Project was choosen.




  Each partner showed the sample they brought and the participants vote for the logo and the sample from Turkish partner has been chosen as a logo of the Project. All the partners  claimed some changes on it so a grafic artist was hired to design it on the computer. The turkish partner was to redesign the logo and send it to other partners.



The participants visited the 4th grade  classes and watch the activities by the student prepared fort hem and they present their own presentations. The atmosphere was so warm

 All the partners met the teachers in the teachers’ room and they shared ideas about the teaching systems in their own countries and the advanteges of sports on education.


 The participants had a lunch at school with the treditional dishes of Turkey and then They visited some historical  places in İzmir like CLOCK TOWER in KONAK, AGORA in Konak “kızlar ağası hanı”-an old bazaar-and  “ASANSÖR” –the historical lift.

    On the 16th –Wednesday, After transfering from the hotel participants had a session and The Polish Coordinator give information about the learning- training meeting and the exact dates of the meetings were determined by  all the participants .



  All the partners together decided the exact dates of meeting and the dates are below:

The 1st meeting is in France between 26th of March and the 1st of April, 2017

The 2nd meeting is in Italy between the 28th of May and the 3rd of June, 2017

The 3rd meeting is in Spain between the 15th of October and 21st of October,2017

The 4th meeting is in Poland between the 20th of May and 26th of May,2018


The budget

The polish coordinator gave information about the budget of the Project.


All the participants  determined the deadline of the duities of the countries and how to communicate and share the ideas and the result is below.

- Turkish partnerl prepare the Website and etwinin Project  in December

-The logo  isdesigned by Turkish partner and sent to other partners in december

-The anthems of the Project is prepared by Spanish partner and the other partners send each  part of teh Lirycs.

-A board game is to be prepared and fort he game each partner prepare 5 questons for 4 catagory(sports, science, maths,countries) and sent French partner in February

- The videos of each dicyplin  are sent to Spanish partner in the first week of June,2018. Each video lasts about 3 minutes.

-The students  prepare posters

- Each partner prepares 5 proverbs

In the evening the teachers of MEHMET SENİYE ÖZBEY PRİMARY SCHOOL and the participants from other coutries   had diner together to share ideas and information about education systems and get warm relationship.

On the 17th, Thursday, participants had a sesson   to evalute the meeting and review the things and ended the meeting. In the afternoon  the participants visited some historical places in Bergama in İzmr and got information about these places.

On the 18th-Frday , The Spanish participants and the French participants left fort he flight in the morning. The other participants and the management of the Turkish school had breakfast together to seeoff and shared their good wishes

The whole meeting lasted 5 day and ended successfully.



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