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Many countries one goal Development through sport
Meeting learning/teaching/training activities short term exchanges of groups of pupis     (MEETING IN italy 28-05-2017/3-06-2017)

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www.sgboscobiancavilla.it   -    ctee045001@istruzione.it

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May 28th – June 3rd 2017

Activities type

Project meeting“Many countries one goal” – Development through sport.

Learning/teaching/training/activities – Short terms exchanges of group of pupils.

Number of partecipant

And Countries

12 teachers and 17 students. Countries:Poland, Wroclaw -  Turkey, Izmir - France, Cluses – Spain, comunitŕ Valenziana: Benetusser


Teachers and students

Polonia - (istituto coordinatore) teachers:  Elzbieta Karas, Kamil Domagalski

Students: Hanna Rudzinska, Dominika Wypch, Laura Mroczkiewicz, Agata Radomska. 

Turchia- teachers: Mehmet Torun, Aynur Bayraktar, Aliyasar Eybir; Students: Duha  Muhammed Yildirim Öykü  Bildiric.

FRANCE -  Teachers: Régine Huzen, Francine Bourbon; Students: Titouan Peschoud,  Matéo Guido, Justine Tapon, Mathilde Borel, Guitteaud Ambre.

SPAIN: - Teachers: Jose Vicente Martínez Escribá, Raúl Bueno Bautista, José Manuel Andrés Lázaro

Students: Lucia Latorre Esteban, Cristina González Mellado

Belén Solera Pérez, Olga Morente Bravo, Lara Martínez Medina

Carlos Honrubia Rodríguez.


   Visit the host school to: Know the organization of the host institution socialize with pupils, families and teachers socialize the didactic experiences and compare the products participate in sport activities, science and culture lesson visit the territory where the institute is located.evaluate the work done spread products.




Saturday May 27th 


Arrival of Polish group: Meeting with teachers and host families at the airport « Fontana Rossa  - Catania». Transfer from airport to Biancavilla, accommodation in a hotel for adult and in family for pupils

Sunday May 28th :

All day





Polish group activities with family

Arrival Spanish and Turkish  group : meeting with teachers and host families at the airport «Fontana Rossa - Catania». Transfer from the airport to Biancavilla, accommodation in hotel for adults and in family for pupils.

Meeting teachers, students and families to socialize.

Monday May 29th           9.15











Arrival French group: meeting with teachers and host families at the airport «Fontana Rossa» - Catania». Transfer from airport to school in Biancavilla, by taxi.

Meeting at school: welcome with songs and dance in «Marconi and in «S.G.Bosco» » playground.

Presentation of the different partners in our school.

The partners made a presentation of their country in 4 classes of our school.

The international pupils went to classes of their correspondent to present their culture and to watch a video of our town.

 Meeting for coordinators to explain the program for the week and mobility tool.

 Meeting only teachers: evaluation of the first year of the project activities.-

Sport activities for students, all the countries:  match Basketball, training of handball. Taekwondo show, only Italian students.

 Meeting teachers, students and families to socialize.

Tuesday May 30th :





Cultural visit in Agrigento «valley of the temples» and «Turkish stairs»

Know the ancient Greece game and Sicilian culture. Work language : english. Socialize with partners.

Wednesday May 31th 








 Science lesson - «the circulatory system»: video-cartoon and activity

Cultural visit Etna/Taormina:

Departure from school; to visit «Crateri Silvestri» .

Lesson «Science and nature»: mountain activities to encourage correct breathing; excursion on foot, to calculate the intensity of the walk. Sense of orientation: using the stopwatch, and reading  map. Know the weather conditions: learn about clothing and equipment. Educate to respect the environment and urban space; know youself and socialize with other students.

To know Sicilian culture: Visit Greek theater in Taormina an important town near our area.

Meeting all teachers to socialize


Thursday June 1st :











Science lesson: «impact of cholesterol on arterise-» video-cartoon to know the correct style of food. Activities on LIM

Visit buildings and sport area in Catania the most important town in our area.

Presentation: «Our booklet of proverbs»


Conference to present different education sistems.


Afternoon: Reception at “Villa delle Favare” with the mayor.

Students performance: songs in different languages and traditional dance. Exbition:Anthem, the song of our project.

Visit “ Basilica Collegiata”  of Biancavilla ( Church)




Friday June 2sd:10.00/16.00                    






Etnaland (important acttraction game and preistoric park): develop sense of orientation. Socialization: reading a map to find actractions.

Traditional game. Decoration balls

Meeting only coordinators: evaluation of Italian visit and to discuss the activities about next meeting in Spain that will be, from 15th  to 21of October 2017


Saturday 3rd







Sport activities at school

Departure of  France and Spanish partners

Departure of POlish partners

Departure of Turkish partners



 Positive results

·    Visit to a foreign school

    Knowledge different school       organization

    Participation in teaching activities

    Use English language

    Work in group

    Know different culture


Comments on the results

 All the students were sociable, collaborative and very interested. They took part in sport activities, traditional game and lesson science.

School staff and parents prepared the welcome; they decorated the school with murales, traditional game and flowers.

Students, families and teachers tried to use English language to comunicate.



 The pupils didn’t had any difficulty , they were integrated into families, which were always available, affectionate, welcoming.

Methods of overcoming

Constant use of english.

Practical and engaging activities.



The evaluation of the meeting was positive, all the school staff showed good hospitality, good cooperation and excellent organization of the activities.

All the teachers during a collegial meeting were interested to know the partners’s educational systems and to compare the teaching methodologies.

All the school staff, have collaborated to carry out activities and welcome.

Family collaboration was great, they decorated the school with traditional murals and games. The host families was hospitable and enthusiastic, to host the students, they was very friendly.  Students didn’t have any problem  to integrate in the family

The activities carried, sport, traditional game, science lessons developed in each students, respect, intergazionin, friendship, collaboration, and competence.

The common products that we carried out was a booklet about health proverbs.





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