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Erasmus Open Day Novembre 2016

Erasmus +K2

Many Countries One Goal

Erasmus+K2 Strategic Partnership  Project


Projects Contributes To Multidimensional Child Development

In terms of personality    
To develop in children conscientiousness as well as determination. To develop the ability to cope with stress and time management skill, to strenghten the motivation for the longlife learning and self belief that would lead to easier overcoming life obstacles
In terms of health    
To strengthen the locomotive and immune system and to increase the level of physical ability,
In terms of basic and transversal skills
Improving mathematatic and scientific and English skills. To improve of analitical logical thinking as well as understanding human body better and speaking skills in English.
In terms of sociality
To develop interpersonal team working skills, social, cultural,selfpre-senting, skils ,to raise awareness about fair play competition.
Project focus on team sports, teachers will improve their teaching skills and share experience
Encourage as many people as possible towards  doing sports.

TARGET GROUPS students at the age of 6-11   Students







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